Step-by-step Making of Carbonized Rice Hull

As promised from the other post, here is the step-by-step procedures for making Carbonized Rice Hull:


1. Fire wood (fuel)

2. Carbonizer

3. Shovel with a long handle

4. Lighter or match sticks

5. Watering pale

6. Dry rice hull



1. Start a fire using the lighter and firewood and let it kindle

2. Make sure that the fire won’t die out before covering it with the Carbonizer

3. Pour and stack the dried rice hull around the carbonizer.

4. When the rice hull at the top are carbonized, use the shovel to cover it with the dried rice hull from the bottom

5. When the rice hull is almost carbonized (80%). Remove the carbonizer by tipping it over to the side using the long shovel. Extra caution is exercised for the carbonizer is extremely hot

6. Mix the rice hull and let the remaining embers to carbonize the rest of the mixture until all of it (100%) are carbonized

7. When all of the rice hull are carbonized, sprinkle water onto the CRH using the watering pale to extinguish the remaining embers

8. Lay the CRH thinly and make sure that the embers have completely died out to prevent the carbonized rice hull turning into ash

9. When its dry, collect and store the CRH into sacks. After that, its ready to be used or sold


2 Responses to Step-by-step Making of Carbonized Rice Hull

  1. mrs manlapaz Reply

    November 17, 2012 at 6:13 am

    sir yung mr ko gumawa ng carbonizer pero ang dami butas na nilagay ok lang ba un?
    masinsin ang pagkalagay niya.

  2. shawie Reply

    December 21, 2012 at 5:09 am

    we have no rice hull carbonizer what is the substitute for it

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